Listing Fee: Free
Second Category Fee: Free
Additional Pictures Fee: Free
Highlighted Items Fee: Free
Bold Item Fee: Free
Enlarge Picture Item Fee: Free
Super-sized Zoomer Fee: Free
Home Page Featured Items Fee: Free
Category Featured Items Fee: Free
Home Page Featured-Plus Fee: Free
Category Featured-Plus Fee: Free
Reserve Price Fee: Free
Swap Fee: Free
Buy-it-now Fee: Free
Custom Start/End Time Fee: Free
List-Till-Sold Fee: Free
Media Upload Fee: Free
Counter Style Fee: Free
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Subtitle Fee: Free
Listing Icon Fee: Free
Feedback Importer Setup Fee: Free
Store Account Types
Expert Store: 200 items; Price: 30.00 USD, recurring every 30 day(s)
Advanced Store: 50 items; Price: 10.00 USD, recurring every 30 day(s)
Medium Store: 10 items; Price: 3.00 USD, recurring every 30 day(s)
Basic Store: 2 items; Price: 1.00 USD, recurring every 30 day(s)
End of Item Fee: Free
NOTE: We are Tax/VAT free!
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