ALL ABOARD The Beatles Yellow Submarine Monopoly game combines the classic risk taking, deal making Monopoly game play with the iconic Yellow Submarine movie and allows fans to vie for control of the most memorable locations in Pepperland.Boardwalk: Yellow Submarine Park Place: Liverpool Green: Pepperland, Sea of Green, Sea of Time Yellow: Sea of Holes, Sea of Music, Sea of Monsters Red: Sea of Nothing, Sea of Numbers, Sea of Science, Orange: Foothills, Headlands, Nowhere Land Magenta: Land of Submarines, Rainbow Tunnel, Blue Meanie Mountain Light Blue: Control Room, Music Room, Laboratory Brown: The Pier House, Hope Street Railroads: Tuba Line, Flute Railroad, Trombone Express, Trumpet Train Comm Chest: ™s all in the mind Chance: Nothing is Real Electric Co: Sub Motor Waterworks: Mersey Works Income Tax: Snapping Turk Tax Luxury Tax: Bonked Tokens:Dreadful Flying Glove, Love Sign, Yellow Submarine, Sgt. Pepper Drum, Jeremy Hillary Boob, Old Fred 2-6 players AGES 8+